AA-Grade Brazilian Amethyst Polished Geode

AA-Grade Brazilian Amethyst Polished Geode

Per Geode

This deep purple Amethyst polished Geode is 140mm high by 90 at it’s widest point. With a depth of 80mm. It weighs in at 1.388kg

This piece has a flat base so can be displayed in a variety of ways ;) Ihis Geode has been polished to a high shine.

Amethyst is a purple variety of Quartz that is well loved and can be found in a variety of countries. It is a basic for any crystal collection. These have been shaped into a pleasing irregular flattish tumble stones are are fairly transparent when you hold them up to the light. These would be a lovely gift for someone (including yourself) and would be perfect for a new collector that wants to start off/or add to their collection.

Please keep in mind that the majority of our stones are natural stones (unless stated otherwise) that come from the earth and therefore may show up slightly different colours in pictures or have slight imperfections or inclusions.

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