One Pair of Cool Magnetic Hematite Gemstones

One Pair of Cool Magnetic Hematite Gemstones

per pair

Hematite is a cool metallic looking stone that is the mineral form of iron oxide. When polished it has a great metallic lustre making it a popular stone. It gets its name from the Greek word for blood as raw Hematite can be red in colour. Hematite can be found around the world and interestingly there are some deposits in the Lake District, UK. You will receive two cool polished Hematite magnetic tumbled stones 2x. (One Pair).

This item would make the perfect gift for a loved friend, family member, or simply if you wanted to treat yourself. Wether you are buying one stone to sit in your pocket or multiple for your trinket dish they are sure to brighten up your home.

Please keep in mind that the majority of our tumbled stones are natural stones (unless stated otherwise) that come from the earth and therefore may show up slightly different colours in pictures or have slight imperfections or inclusions.

Packaging : Your item will be wrapped safely in bubble wrap and tissue paper. We can also offer gift wrapping to make your order extra special. Simply contact us when you purchase your item.

Postage: please see postage profiles. You can see postage profile that has been recommended for your item (unless you choose or select otherwise).

  • Royal Mail <100gms untracked 2nd class

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